Allegro Dallas
Allegro Dallas: The Dallas Civic Music Association needed a new name to express their growing passion for all things melodic.
Conference USA
Conference USA: When 15 diverse universities boldly joined together to form a new intercollegiate athletics conference, they needed a name to put them on the map.
BoardSource: Nonprofit organizations know to go to this source for information on corporate governance and board relations.
Motor Donor
MotorDonor: This name reminds people that donating your used car to the Red Cross is just as important as donating your blood.
Practissimo: We helped the Greater Dallas Youth Symphony encourage their young musicians to practice by offering them an educational adventure in Europe as an incentive.
African Mosaique
African Mosaique: The Beaux Arts Ball selected a visual name for their colorful event to raise money for the Dallas Museum of Art.
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