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We work with a lot of very talented people — people who know a lot about branding and brand architecture, market research and account planning, logo design and packaging, public relations, relationship marketing, interactive design, and online media.

Flying Start is an affiliate of RBMM — consistently named one of the top design firms in the U.S. If you like one of the logos on this site, odds are it was created right next door.

RBMM is, in turn, an integral part of The Richards Group. For more than 25 years, this Dallas-based company has been one of the country's premier advertising and marketing firms, building an international reputation for marrying high-flying creative with rock-solid marketing.

Like all the other companies in the group, Flying Start employs a process named (and quite well, we think) Spherical® Branding. By using every point of contact between a brand and its many constituencies, Spherical Branding works like nothing else we've ever seen to accomplish that most difficult but crucial branding objective. Conviction.

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