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Robin Ayres : Principal

It's obvious when you walk into Robin's office that she is a lover of lexicons, an idiom enthusiast, and a morpheme maniac. With an astounding collection of antique letters decorating her office (letters from old gas station signs, drive-in marquees, shop placards) and more than 200 volumes regarding the vernacular, she is the resident authority on all things linguistic.

Robin joined RBMM, one of America's leading graphic design and identity firms, in 1984 after earning a B.F.A. and teaching design at West Texas A&M University.

A wordsmith from way back, Robin took over leadership duties in 1996 of what was then called The Naming Center, since renamed Flying Start (wouldn't you know it). She has led her group of name generation specialists to creating names for products and services such as Dejà Blue, The Intensor Video Gaming Chair, Avisia, Sabre eVoya, Victory, Sasura Spa, and Travelocity's GoodBuy.

With three spirited sons, Robin is also our in-house expert on Cartoon Network (Samurai Jack — still her favorite), video games, teenage angst, and skateboard tricks. She speaks with adroit know-how about kickflips, frontside tailslides, ollies, and fakies. When she's not busy with the boys, she's, well, we'll have to get back to you on that in a few years.

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